July 4, 2020

Royal Bali Internusa

Indonesian Crew Management, Labor Consultant And Maritime Services

Seafarers Training

Royal Bali Cruise and Hotel Training center is part of our company,
Offers courses in Basic Hospitality and Cruise Services Course, Butler, Cook, Bartending, Food and Beverage Services , Housekeeping, English Proficiency.

Picture1Advance Course for Culinary, Food and Beverage Services, Housekeeping and Bar tending. It’s flexible so as the needs of the industry change we will adapted our training manuals. we will be ready to give you the crews you need to adapt to those changes.

Seafarers who participate in extensive training opportunities including:

Orientation Training

  • Learn about the heritage, , and discover the ideals surrounding  hospitality and service.

Regulatory Training

  • Complete the training required by international regulations, such as STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) and SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea).

On-the-Job Training

  • Prepare for your position onboard by becoming familiar with your position, the ship equipment and resources available.

Health and Safety Training

  • Gain extensive knowledge of the United States Public Health (USPH) guidelines and how they contribute to the personal health and safety of our crew and guests.

Leadership Training

  • Learn about our company’s philosophies, gain leadership skills and advance your personal growth and professional future.
  • To see details about our training please visit:http://www.royalbalitraining.id