July 4, 2020

Royal Bali Internusa

Indonesian Crew Management, Labor Consultant And Maritime Services

Crew Management


PT. Royal Bali Internusa renders services to the ship owners/managers including agency services as seafarers’ employment intermediation services.
Services can be provided individually or collectively and they include:

– Pre-employment interview, aimed to verify seafarer’s experience, competency, character and personality, potential and fitness. The seafarer’s qualifications and sea-service are cross-referenced with past employers, government agencies and other organizations to ensure they are true. Additionally, the seafarer’s professional attitude and psychological behavior are assessed through our personal interviews.

– Check up the validity and authenticity of seafarer’s certificates in compliance with STCW ’78/95 CODE, IMO requirements and ISM CODE.The verification methods we use make certain the seafarers we supply possess the training and skills as stated in their certificates and licenses.

– English language level test.

– Medical examination including drug/alcohol test provided by the biggest and duly licensed Indonesian Marine Medical centre.

– Familiarization with the Principals’ policy and “Safety Management System”.