July 4, 2020

Royal Bali Internusa

Indonesian Crew Management, Labor Consultant And Maritime Services

Full crew arrangements

Positive Work Ethics
PT. Royal Bali Internusa promotes the right values and attitudes towards work by means of Standards of Cultural Management Skills and Values Formation as well as through Ship owner specific briefings for safety and proper decorum in the corresponding working media.

Pre-Departure Orientation
PT. Royal Bali Internusa conducts the required briefing to crewmembers concerning the types of vessels they are to embark, their functional duties, responsibilities and background of the Company. There is also a company code to avoid sea accidents, proper decorum and protocol expected from them as competent seamen. It emphasizes the obligation, dedication and loyalty to the vessel and its owner, superiors, cargo, passengers and crewmembers.

PT. Royal Bali Internusa can arrange crew change with competitive fees and costs.
This includes all arrangements for a successful crew change, We can arrange flight arrangements (Airlines Ticket) to any destination for competitive prices