July 4, 2020

Royal Bali Internusa

Indonesian Crew Management, Labor Consultant And Maritime Services

Seafarers Recruitment Services

PT. Royal Bali Internusa has been providing vessels with competent and professional Indonesian crews consistently throughout the years. We recognize the importance of providing quality persons to organizations both at sea and onshore. We accomplish this by personally screening each and every perspective applicant through rigorous competence, fitness, and English language comprehension tests to bring our clients the very best people.
In accordance to the ship owner demands, the designated Crew Superintendent selects and employs the command and crew for the vessel. We make sure to comply with all internal Quality Standards, IMO, STCW, ISO and MLC 2006 requirements, and the vessel’s manning stipulations.

We maintain our high standard of excellency through performance appraisals and continuous upgrade training for our crews; our clients’ satisfaction and success is of utmost importance to us.

PT. Royal Bali Internusa is proud to offer over well-educated and highly qualified seafarers in our database. These seafarers are all compliant with IMO, STCW, MLC 2006, USPH and USCG regulations and requirements and are well versed in the ISM code.
We go above and beyond to ensure that all seafarers have passed all medical examinations, English language comprehension tests, and our very own internal professional tests; we also require positive references from past employers.